For a wine to be considered Clean-Crafted, it goes through two rounds of independent lab testing to guarantee that it's free of yucky stuff like synthetic pesticides and chemical additives and has fewer than 100ppm of total sulfites. No added sugars and we all know what sugar can do to us. We also evaluate and review farming and production practices to confirm that they are, in fact,organic, bio-dynamic and Clean-Crafted. Why do we do this? Because we hold ourselves to a higher standard for your health.


Charming and drinkable with pear, lemon curd and hints of nectarine and baking bread on a textured, creamy mid-palate that finishes bright.

Fruity, Creamy

Pairs perfectly with grilled and roast chicken, seafood dishes like fish and scallops as well as less traditional pairings like Indian and Mediterranean dishes. 

100% Chardonnay 

Alc. 13.8%

RS <.05 g/L

Organic, Vegan


Layered aromas of cranberry, forest floor and clove lead into a palate of pomegranate, cherry and a hint of sage backed by round tannins on a lengthy finish.


Earthy, Light


Pair with: Roasted salmon, white pizza or roasted root veggies.


100% Pinot Noir

Biodynamic, Vegan

Alc. 13.8%

RS: 0.2 g/L


Bold and appealing with cassis, black cherry, tobacco, baking spice and mouth-coating, well-integrated tannins on a long finish.

Earthy, Bold

Pair with grilled meat, veggie or black bean burgers or chana masala.

100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Organic, Vegan

Alc. 13.9%

RS: 4.22 g/L

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