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Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Hey Hey!!! I am soooooo excited to launch my new site and blog with Live the Blissful Life. I would love to share my journey with you. This includes how this clean living journey has blessed myself and others around me. It all started many many moons ago with essential oils and changing my cleaning products to non toxic choices. After a few years of using essential oils for everything in my life, I then found out that the makeup and some other self care products that i was putting on my body could potentially harm my unborn child. Oh yes i was newly pregnant and hyper sensitive to what i was putting on my largest organ, our skin. I started my research and was flabbergasted that the beauty industry is not regulated. Only 11 harmful ingredients were banned in the US and there are many ingredients that can harm our health. A bill hasn't been passed since 1938 and there was not any action to help get safer products into the hands of everyone. Men, women, children and those that you love. I am super thankful to have found Beautycounter and their mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone. They are lobbying and educating others to empower them to make excellent decisions for their health and their family. Education is key and they teach you how to discover safer products for you and your family. It has definitely been a pivotal educational experience for myself and my clients. After my son was born, i decided to join them to have a voice in this very unregulated beauty industry and make a difference. Since then i have learned about the transparency in a company and the importance of pure organic products. Drinking clean wine was the next step for my happy healthy life!! A friend introduced me to Scout and Cellar and the wines are delicious and healthy for you in moderate consumption. Less sugar, low sulfites and no nasty chemicals or dyes mixed into what nature intended. Now lets fast forward to running and training for two marathons back to back. And the second one did me in and i had a stress fracture in my leg. This lead me to researching a clean trustworthy brand for CBD, yet another unregulated wild wild industry that was deemed legal in Nov 2018 and the marketplace flooded with brands and products. I started taking it to help with my leg and on the third day, the pain had diminished and I am getting the best sleep of my life. Not to mention, the stresses of everyday life and dealing with a toddler as a single mom.

Green Compass was a perfect fit for Live the Blissful Life and what a wild journey it has been. I dove head first in to learn more about the hemp plant, ecs system, how it works in your body and all the amazing benefits it can provide for your health. I knew that hemp derived CBD was very powerful but i had no idea that i chose an incredible company to partner with. Green Compass is USDA organic certified and vertically integrated, which is very important in an unregulated industry. Anyone can slap a label on the bottle and sell some hope. But when you have done all of your research for what to look for in a CBD company, you need to check off a few things. Vertically integrated means that Green Compass controls everything from the soil to the seed, planting, harvesting, distilling, formulating the product, third party lab testing and shipping it from our farm to your doorstep. When it does arrive you can scan your QR code on the bottom of the bottle to see the exact certificate of analysis (COA) and what is in your CBD hemp extract oil. Green Compass has continued to show up and head for the top in this extremely fast growing industry. Recently they were ranked #3 in their entire industry of hundreds and thousands of companies. Leading from the top, creating new life changing products, educating others on CBD, helping others live a blissful life all while creating the financial freedom that my family deserves has just been the icing on the cake.

I am excited to share all of this wonderful information with you as my brand will relaunch soon.

Stay tuned for lots of fun giveaways and information on all of these amazing clean products. I’m here for you with the quality that you deserve. Peace, Love & CBD ~ Rachel

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