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Whats really in your wine?

Have you heard of clean wine but you are not sure what it is or this terminology is brand new to you. Cleancrafted wine comes from organic, biodynamic wineries around the world who produce low sulfite, no added sugar, no yucky chemicals, it is delicious and just as nature has intended. Did i loose you at biodynamic? Well that is a step above organic where they do not use pesticides and they re purpose their soil and are a tad more earth and health friendly than organic farms. Here is a graphic that had my jaw on the floor.

So where do we find cleancrafted wine? Well that's where Scout & Cellar comes into play. They scout wines all over the world and meet with wineries that are already cultivating and producing this wine. They want to make sure everyone is on the same page about the levels of sugar (only residual from the grapes), very low sulfites (also natural with the curating process) and they are producing the cleanest wines on this planet. The wine also goes  through two rounds of independent lab testing to guarantee that it's free of all the bad stuff like synthetic pesticides and chemical additives when it arrives in the US.

Now that i have your attention, which one would you like to try? I do have some small sample bottles and honestly i haven't had a bad wine from Scout & Cellar, just ones that i prefer more than others. The descriptions on the website are on point and you can also ask any of us clean wine drinkers. My current favorite is the Feildhouse Pinot Noir

Cheers to a good time!! I love waking up feeling refreshed with out the feeling of how much wine did i drink last night?!?

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