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It's Hope not Dope

I am sure you have heard the buzz about CBD. So what exactly is CBD? Many have the misconception of hemp being the same as marijuana. But what most do not know is that they are actually two different plant species that fall under the genius Cannabis. They may look exactly alike, smell alike and have some of the same properties but they are two opposite in a way too. Hemp is high in CBD and low in THC and marijuana is the opposite, high in THC and low in CBD. So lets learn a little bit more about the compound CBD without getting to geeky on you. I can go into greater detail with my research and science friends.

Cannabidiol, or shortened to CBD,is a compound found in the hemp plant and can be used to naturally heal and replenish your ECS, or scientifically known as your endocannabinoid system. We will dive in deeper with the ECS system because it helps regulate many of our other biological systems in our bodies, including the nervous system and the immune system. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant preferably the flower vs the leaves or stalk. Would you like to learn more about the science behind hemp and cbd, check out this page

There are a few different hemp extract oils that contain different compounds of CBD and some have THC and others do not have any THC in them. I would love to discuss the different safe options for you and your family. Join me on facebook for a CBD 101 course or schedule a one on one with me here. Follow along on the gram or i hope to see you in person one of these days. Peace, Love & CBD ~Rachel

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